The Introduction

Indicators of Intent™ (IOIs) are the paradigm shift in cyber threat intelligence

Stop buying IOCs. Start leveraging IOIs.

Data flowing through Disrupt6's global Trace Analyze Predict (TAP) intelligence platform reveal network attacks that often cannot be detected by current products. We observe all technology layers and augment our enriched realtime threat analysis with Disrupt6 technology to get the big picture, before it happens.

The Details

Persistently tracking the adversaries despite evasion efforts

Deeper intelligence, earlier warnings

Disrupt6 sources and methods leverage real-time and historical data

Focused on the advanced

Today's analysts are drowning in data and alerts. By automatically removing basic threats and allowing through legitimate traffic, human resources can focus on the advanced threats.

Dynamic risk tolerance

The TAP platform provides unparalleled visibility before an attack. We can tailor a proactive defense policy to meet your organization's risk tolerance.

Anomaly detection

Combining your organization's profile with our global sensor network enables you to detect unusual attacks and hostile activities that target your organization.

Judge with confidence

Mature intelligence disciplines have levels of confidence. Disrupt6 provides this for cyber threat intelligence.

Making reconnaissance matter

By detecting Indicators of Intent™ during the reconnaissance phase of an attack, the TAP platform offers proactive defense intelligence.

Greatly reduce cost and casualty

Prevent attackers before they strike. Mitigate risks before they become problems.

Our Intelligence Offerings

Threat Intelligence Feed

Customize our data subscription services to match your organization's needs.

Sensor Defense Network

Deploying intelligence agents enables faster response and more preemptive actions.

What's in Disrupt6 Intelligence?

  • Indicators of Intent™
  • Indicators of Compromise
  • Correlate IPv4 and IPv6 connections
  • Identify attacks from relays and unallocated addresses
  • Discover Network Ballistics
  • Bot Identification, Classification, and Mitigation
  • Spam Source Tracking
  • Advanced Geo-Location Validation